The app is currently available only for Shopify users.

You can install SKULogi – Smart Inventory Forecasting using the below link or from the Shopify app store (once its available): 

On visiting the link you would be prompted to enter your Shopify store URL:

Clicking "Go" after entering the URL would take you to the Shopify admin page to authorize the install (you may be prompted to login to your Shopify Admin page if not already logged in).

After authorizing the install you would be greeted with the Welcome banner and then prompted to select a plan.


On clicking "Get Started" you would be taken to the Shopify admin page to confirm the subscription. You will have 30 days to try Smart Inventory Forecasting for free and will be charged only after 30 days of trial has ended.

After you have authorized the subscription the app would download historical data (up to 2 years back) from your store.This is needed to analyse the past demand trends to generate accurate forecasts.

While the download and analysis is in progress you would see the following screen.


After this data has been downloaded the app algorithms would process and analyze the data to generate SKU classifications, forecasts and customer RFM analysis.

Depending on the volume of data this may take up to several hours to complete. This is an one time activity, all future transactions and analysis would happen seamlessly in the background.

You would receive an email once the download and analysis is completed.Your dashboard  would look similar to the below screen populated with your store specific data.

Please refer to the specific sections under the knowledge base for detailed documentations on the Dashboard and all other features and functions of the app.