SKULogi – Smart Inventory Forecasting is a app which helps e-commerce sellers manage their inventory better.

SKULogi’s Smart Forecasting, Dynamic Product Classification and Customer RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) Analysis helps you focus your valuable time on the critical few while letting the trivial many run on auto-pilot.

Be it Products,Inventory replenishment or Customers, SKULogi provides suggestions on which ones to focus on to maximize returns.

Key Features

1. Dynamic Product Classification

While ABC analysis is a good starting place it is not enough to manage your inventory efficiently. That’s why SKULogi combines the ABC classification with the forecastability classification of a product (aka XYZ analysis) to give you the complete picture (ABC-XYZ Matrix).  

2. Smart Forecasting

SKULogi analyzes the historical order data for each SKU and provides forecasts on the expected demand for a future time horizon. Not only this with each passing day it updates the forecasting models based on newer sales trends.

3. Stock Alerts

Taking into consideration the current inventory , open orders,  forecasted demands and the lead time for delivery by your supplier, SKULogi alerts you if you are going to run out of stock along with suggested the replenishment quantity or if you are having overstock for any SKU.

4. Easy Purchase Orders

Convert the replenishment suggestions into Purchase Orders or create a PO from scratch. Update your supplier’s address and email the PO directly from SKULogi or export as PDFs. Customize your POs with your company logo.

5. Customer RFM Analysis

Know who are your star and loyal customers and who are at risk of churn, who spends the most and who are discount or bargain shoppers. Use this info to efficiently target promos and loyalty programs or woo back lost customers.