SKULogi provides you with easy and actionable dashboard with all key metrics of your eCommerce business at your fingertips. 

Key Metrics Cards

At the top you have four cards with key information about your business.

The 1st card (green) shows the total sales revenue of your store in the last 30 days. This is a quick and easy way to know how your business is doing.

The 2nd card (amber) displays the total inventory in your storage across locations as well as the total inventory ordered with suppliers that are in-transit. On clicking this you can see the slip between actual on hand inventory and the in-transit inventory.

The next card (red) shows the number of SKUs (variants) that are in need of urgent replenishment. This is calculated based on the forecasted demand, current open orders and inventory levels as well as the lead-time required by your supplier to deliver the article to your warehouse. Clicking the number on this card would take you to the Inventory Summary screen from where you can directly create Purchase orders for these SKUs based on the suggested replenishment quantities. 

The last card (grey) shows the number of SKUs which are overstocked. This again is dynamically determined based on the forecasted demand,open orders and current inventory levels. Click this would take you to the Inventory Summary screen with filter or overstocked SKUs. 

Tip : It is essential to have sufficient stock of all your products to ensure customer satisfaction and increased sales. But having too much of inventory especially for wrong products would slow your business down. Your cash gets tied-up in your warehouse in the form of redundant inventory which could have been utilized to grow your business.

Note : Use the insights and suggestions from SKULogi as a decision support system, combine them with your own knowledge and expertise to take the best possible decision to steer your business towards growth.

Demand & Inventory Trend 

Below the cards you will find a chart which is a visual representation of your aggregate demand over the past 1 year ,the inventory levels and the forecasted/expected demand for the next 9 to 12 weeks. This is provided to help you quickly see how your business is progressing and to make out any shifts in trends easily. 

Note : 

1) The data is aggregated at a weekly level to make for smoother reading of the graphs.

2)Initially you would only see the inventory level of the current week, this is because we can not get historical data of inventory level changes from Shopify. But as you continue to use the app you would see the inventory levels per week going forward.

Product ABC-XYZ  and Customer RFM Analysis Matrices

These 2 matrices are critical tools which can help you manage your business efficiently. They help you focus your time and energy on the critical few products and customers while leaving the remaining to run on auto pilot or on a need basis. We have dedicated pages for these ,please refer them for more details.

Product ABC XYZ Matrix  

Customer RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) Analysis

Past 30 Days Trend

The Product classification and customer RFM matrices captures a holistic picture of your products and customers. But it may take a while for emerging trends to get reflected in these matrices. For example, if a products is suddenly selling like hot cakes or if you have acquired a new set of potential super star customers you can notice them easily here. 

This section lists the top 5 products and customers based on past 30 days sales transactions.