You can setup all your suppliers and their contacts from this screen. Once a supplier is created you have the option to link the supplier to the SKU(s) which are supplied by them. This would be useful to generate and send purchase orders to the suppliers directly from the app.

When you connect your Shopify store ,SKULogi creates each of your product vendors as a supplier and links it to the corresponding product. You can choose to edit this information at anytime to update the name and address of the supplier.

Add a Supplier 

To create a new supplier click on the "Add Supplier" button and fill in the supplier names and address details.

Edit Supplier Details

To change supplier details click on the "pencil" icon against the supplier details,this will load the Edit Supplier screen from where changes to the supplier info can be made and saved.


Delete Supplier 

To delete a supplier click on the "thrash can" icon against the supplier details,this will prompt you for confirmation and on clicking confirm the supplier record will be deleted.


In case a supplier is linked to any SKU the system would prevent deletion of the record, in that case de-link the supplier from the SKU to proceed.

To know how to link and de-link supplier to SKUs refer to the SKUs documentation.