Inventory summary screen provides a consolidated view of all your products inventory from across multiple locations.

It shows the Total on-hand quantity in your warehouse, total in-transit quantity , open demand,and forecasted demand for each SKU. 

The Total on-hand quantity is also color coded to indicate their stock level.

Green represents that the product is sufficiently stocked.

Amber is used to highlight products that are expected to run short in the near future.

Red highlights products that should be replenished urgently.

Grey highlights products that are overstocked based on their forecasted demand.

The screen also has a filter on the Stock Level and a button for creation of Purchase Orders for selected SKUs.

Create Purchase Order from Inventory Summary

Select the check box against the desired SKU or use the Select All check box on top to select all the SKUs displayed on the current page, then click create PO.

This will automatically create the required number of POs based on the suppliers. If multiple products are supplied by the same supplier all of them would go under the same PO.

Also if an open PO exists for any supplier which is not yet sent, new line(s) would be added to that instead of creating a new PO for that supplier.

Note: It is recommended to use the stock filters "Replenish Urgently" or "Running Short" to filter out the products before taking this option. 

But you are free to use this method for any product even if as per the system the product is sufficiently or over stocked.In such cases the line would be created with 0 quantity and you should update the required quantity to order manually before sending out to supplier.

In case a SKU is not linked to any supplier the system would prevent the creation of a PO. You should first link the supplier(s) to a SKU before creating POs.

This would only be cumbersome in the beginning but once all the SKUs are mapped to the right suppliers this would make the process of PO creation smooth and error free. 

Refer Purchase Orders documentation to know more.