The Purchase Order screen lists all the POs in your account.

There are 2 ways to create Purchase Orders (POs). 

1) From the Inventory Summary screen based on replenishment suggestions.

2) Directly from the PO Screen using Create PO Button.

1. Create Purchase Order from Inventory Summary

Select the check box against the desired SKU or use the Select All check box on top to select all the SKUs displayed on the current page, then click create PO.

This will automatically create the required number of POs based on the suppliers. If multiple products are supplied by the same supplier all of them would go under the same PO.

Also if an open PO exists for any supplier which is not yet sent, new line(s) would be added to that instead of creating a new PO for that supplier.

2. Create Purchase Order from Pruchase Order Screen

Click on the "Create PO" button. This will create a blank PO with just a PO number.

First fill in all the required fields in the header : i.e. select a warehouse, a supplier, expected delivery date. Remarks, Tax code or description and tax % and shipping cost are option and can be left blanks. If filled in they would be added to the PO. After filling in the required fields click save on the top to save PO details.

Please make sure that the complete address of the warehouse and the supplier are filled in. To update the address of the warehouse directly change it in your Shopify admin location and it would get reflected in the app shortly. Use the edit supplier screen option in the app to update supplier address. This is essential to create an accurate PO.

After saving the header level information of the PO you can add the SKU 1 by 1. Select the SKU from the drop down,fill in the order quantity and the unit purchase price for the SKU. On saving the changes you will get an empty line to add another SKU if desired. 

Note: The  drop down would only list those SKUs which are linked to the selected supplier. In case a desired SKU is not appearing in the ,please make sure to assign the supplier to that particular SKU from the Assign Supplier screen. This is enforced to again ensure accuracy of the PO, so that PO with the wrong SKU is not sent to a supplier which could sometime lead to lot of wasted time before its realized or identified.

You can continue editing a PO or add or remove lines as long as the PO is not sent to a supplier. 

Simply make the required changes and re-save the PO.

If you change a PO after it was exported as PDF the app would alert you to re-export the PDF.

It is possible to cancel a PO after its sent to a supplier. To cancel a PO simply click the Cancel PO icon and confirm.

Warning: No email is sent to the supplier notifying the cancellation, please make sure to inform your supplier about the cancelled PO directly, this is to avoid any confusion as e-mail are sometime not reliable.