A couple of background jobs are triggered when you first connect your shopify store with SKULogi. The first one is to download and sync all your stores current and historical data that are required by SKULogi for its functioning. 

After the data sync is completed few other jobs run which analyses your date running the data across multiple algorithms to identify the right classification, forecasting models and eventually generate the demand forecasts for each SKU and customer RFM etc.

All these job run periodically from then on to keep updating the insights and findings. 

In this screen you can see the list of all such jobs their current status etc. 

Usually there is no need for you to check this screen, but in case you find any of the results not updating you could have a look here to see if the jobs have run correctly. In case a job ends in any kind of error the errors are also logged in the adjacent screen. You can use the information from the job status and the error logs to trouble shoot any issue with the data or reach out to support.