In the settings screen under accounts you have the option to view your business address, current plan and system settings.

Account Address

The Store address and logo is used to create the letter head for the purchase orders , you can change the default logo to your actual business logo here. The store name and the address fields are not editable as they are synced from Shopify. If you wish to change the directly change them in Shopify and the updates would get automatically synced to SKULogi.

Current Plan

This shows the current subscription plan you are on. As of now there is only 1 Flat Rate plan, in future when there are multiple plans available you would have the option to change the plan from here.


System parameters that influence the functions of SKULogi are listed here. Clicking the blue icon provides details regarding the parameter. However it is recommended that if you are not sure about any of it please reach out to us before making any change.

In future when we roll-out further features you would notice more of such parameters listed here,using which you can enable or disable certain functions.