SKULogi allows you to add team members to the app, this is particularly useful if you want to delegate some of the inventory management tasks to others but don't want to share access to your Shopify admin.

To invite a team member add the email in the form and click "Invite Members" button. The invited team member would get an email with link to create an account. The invite is active only for 48 hours after which it would expire.

You could also delete an invite using the "trash can" button.

Once a team member as clicks the invite link his/her account under your business would be created and he/she would be prompted to change their password.

After the team member account is created you could see them in your Team list.

You can remove a team members at any time by clicking the "trash can" icon. It is also possible to assign "ownership" of your account to other team members. To do so click on the "Is Owner" toggle button.

Likewise you can also un-assign ownership for any user at any time (as long as you are also the account owner).

Note: Once a user has account ownership he/she will also be able to un-assign ownership or delete other user accounts ,including yours.