You can view the demand trend of the past 1 year and the forecasted demand for the next 9 to 12 weeks for each SKU by clicking on the "graph" icon against the SKU.

Clicking the icon displays the below screen.

In addition to the sales trend and forecast, the screen also display the following critical infomration regarding the SKU:

Total SalesThis is the total revenue from all the sales of this product thus far.
Total ProfitThis is an estimate of the total profit made so far. This is for now just an indicative value and is basically the difference between the selling price and cost price.
Inventory on HandThis is the total quantity of the product you currently have in your warehouse(s) 
Inventory in TransitThis is the total quantity of the product that you have ordered from your suppliers.
Open DemandThis is the total required quantity of the product in unfulfilled orders.
Forecast DemandThis is the aggregate of the estimated demand in the next time horizon (9 to 12 weeks). The actual time horizon width is mention in brackets against this number.

The algorithms in SKULogi constantly work in the background to adapt the forecasts for each SKU based on new information. It also select from a wide array of models the most appropriate one to forecast a SKUs demand.