To be able to receive inventory against a PO it should be first in SENT status.

The detail view of a PO in SENT status would appear as shown below:

All other fields would be disabled except for Receive quantity. To receive inventory enter a quantity in the "Receive" field and click the green button with left arrow. You can receive all unit at once by enter the total quantity or partially by enter few units at a time. 

Receiving units would increment the inventory in SKULogi as well as the inventory in your Shopify admin. It may take a few seconds before the change in reflected in Shopify.

To complete receiving inventory against a PO line click the blue button with the "tick" icon. Once a line is completed you wont be able to re-open it or receive further units against it, so please make sure to complete a line only after all units of the PO are received.

It is possible to receive more units than that was originally ordered in a PO (over shipped by supplier) or close a PO line with lesser units than order (short shipped by supplier).

Completing all lines of the PO would mark the whole PO as complete.